How Snapchat Views Is Shaping Learning In Schools.

News 06:06 June 2023:

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As more top brands and business companies are opting for snapchat to reach their target markets, schools, and other higher learning institutions have not been left behind. The idea is to make learning an enjoyable affair and not a burden as many students perceive it. Linking fun and socialization to learning is made by possible by relevant snapchat views shared between learners and their teachers. This is achieved in the following two ways.
First, using snapchat views is easy to space the learning period and allows the student to continue learning even if they go home. This prevents cramming of what is taught as they have the opportunity to go over and over what has been taught. The mode of teaching is diverse too from videos to diagram snaps against the known form of writing monotonous notes on a daily basis. Instead of cramming, the learners grasp and master all content with ease due to the exposure they get from all avenues.
Secondly, it is easy to present real time examples to students for easy comparison with their classwork. It saves the time of going to research on it from the library or the internet as it is available with a click away on our phones. Students can take pictures and post to their teachers at any time and not wait until when they are in a class session to do so.