Setting Notifications To Communicate With Periscope Followers;

News 09:02 February 2023:

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The only way to engage your periscope followers effectively is by doing it in real time. Does it mean I have to keep glued to my screen to see any incoming response? That is not the case as you have to engage in other activities around you on a typical day. Get this fast notification by activating the chat on. Any conversation turned off automatically restricts your viewers to a meaningful engagement with you. Waiting for a response online for over five minutes is annoying, and probably you won’t rely on that platform to get help or clarifications in future. With chat on, you are notified instantly of any activity whether someone has watched your video or liked it. You can now log into the app and see what kind of response from you will be appropriate to send back. Whether a compliment or a complain, always have a response even if it is a thank you note only.

Turning the notifications on keeps your periscope followers involved and keeps the chat going. Bear in mind that there are those people who follow the conversations without necessarily commenting themselves. Answer questions on time and seek reviews from online customers before they log out on the products you marketing in the case of business.